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Welcome to CPI! I’m pleased to introduce myself and the company and explain how our knowledge and experience will be useful, when you want to ensure that your employees are prepared for working in a global environment. Whether they are expatriates moving to a new culture or merely are employees working in Denmark, but have international interaction and therefore need to become familiar with the gaps in cultural behaviour, we can help you.

My name is Bente Nielsen, and I’m the Managing Director of the Danish company Culture - Perception & Integration. I have had the opportunity to spend a large part of my career outside Denmark, and so has all the staff which are part of CPI. Each assignment and experience is different. But no matter what, we know that it is essential for everyone who are working with other cultures and/or integrating in to a new society, to have an awareness and understanding of the expectations, norms and values which they might encounter.

At CPI our goal is to provide your employees with knowledge, skills and awareness in order to understand the differences between their own and the new culture, how to bridge the gap and thereby ensure success – both in business and socially.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be pleased to assist you and your colleagues with our knowledge and experience.
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